Photos of Havana, Cuba, taken by Liani Solari


  1. Oh, beautiful Sicily …Liani, you have summed it up so well. I have to return before I die!

    Nice to be able to name drop, eating shoulder to shoulder with the rich and famous -but I can’t believe that the nonna didn’t have the ‘Girls Own’ picture up on the wall. Surely your reputations preceded you?

    Enjoy the last days of your wonderful sojourn and have a Campari spritz for me.

    • Thanks Jenny. Always love receiving your comments. I know you’re a traveller, too, so let me know if you ever want to post a guest blog… Cheers, Liani

  2. I miss Rome… this place looks really interesting Liani. I must check it out next time in Rome

    • When in Rome… say hello to the turtles from me. LOL


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